Creative Thinking Coaching

Creative Thinking Coaching

With Christi Corradi

The Paint Box

Gathering the Supplies to Master the Art of Your Life as a Masterpiece!


ThePaintBoxPallet-ClearBGYou are invited to Christi’s new program: The Paint Box!

  • Create a life you LOVE living!

  • Bring your unique gift into the world.

  • Develop a deep and reliable belief in yourself.

  • Experience the vitality of your life as a masterpiece!


This 14-week program includes:

  • 14 weekly audio teaching modules – Get your first module within 24 hours of purchase!
  • 2 Creative Community group coaching calls per month
  • A 30 minute one-on-one Vision Creation call with Christi
  • A Private Facebook group to connect with your peers as you grow



Take a Quantum Leap in your life – in business, relationships, health, freedom!

Experience more abundance in your life.

Tap in to your innate Genius faculties.

Lay the groundwork for new ways of thinking to enhance your life.

Provide tools to continue growing every area of your life.

Teach creative thinking tools to expand your vision of what is possible.


The 14-week curriculum includes:

You Squared image

You Squared – 4 weeks

This little book packs a powerful punch. Stop beating your head against the wall and take that quantum leap in your business, relationships, all areas of your life! Learn more about the invisible laws that we can harness to create a better life.





The Code to a Freer Fuller Life – 4 weeks

We will explore 4 key chapters of the amazing book, The Science of Getting Rich” to learn the Code for transforming your life to experience more abundance. “Rich” is not just about money. Learn this formula for having a deeper fuller life.


Genius is your birthrightGenius is Your Birthright – 6 weeks

Building on Mary Morrissey’s program entitled “Into Your Genius” we will take a deep dive into your 6 genius faculties of Imagination, Intuition, The Will, Memory, Reason, and Perception that are inside just waiting for you to plug in and use them!



Download these programs and listen to them at your convenience, as often as you like. Just like reading a book, you will gain new insights and growth from hearing the lessons again. Each time, you can discover a deeper layer, because YOU have changed since you read it/listened to it last!

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Our Creative Community Calls are twice per month, and are recorded. You will get reminder emails with the dates.

If you can’t make a call, you can download and listen to the recording.

Questions About the Program?

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What Christi’s Clients Have to Say About Working With Her


PatsyPatsy: I just want to share about how amazing Christi’s class has been for me. About setting up a plan – 3 months, 3 years, and having the faith to know that it could come true. To dream outside of the box… We’re going to Cancun very soon. I’ve saved enough to pay for it in cash, which was one of my goals. And many exciting things have happened in terms of how my business is taking off, how many clients I’m getting, and living out my dream. Also the power to dream WAY outside of the box and have a 3-year goal that seems so unattainable to me. But with Christi’s help and this group that we’ve been in, it’s been amazing. And I see it coming into fruition. So I’m excited to continue working with her.”


MelissaMelissa: A lot stuff has really worked surprisingly well… I struggled from depression for years, and so this is pretty big for me… Every day that I’ve been in this class since we started, I have not had a super horrible day. I’ve learned myself, and I’ve learned how to throw a harness onto that and curb it to the direction I want… I was a victim for years… for the first time in my life I’m not a victim… I feel like grabbing everybody by the shoulders and shaking them and saying, “Look! You CAN do this. You CAN make your life…”


Juli: I want to really thank you for everything that you have done for me… helped me how to really ask for what I want and start to get clarity around it, and believe that I can co-create and manifest that. That’s been really huge. And just the amazing support you have been to Sarah as well. … We do get so much out of hearing you coach other people.”


SarahSarah (Juli’s daughter): I’ve been focusing on being a really good mom… Through the DreamBuilder work, I’ve really gotten back on track. I wake up again now and feel like I love my like. And I feel like I have my purpose back and my direction, which is not instead of being a mom, it includes being a mom. But it’s ore. It’s what I have to share with the world outside of being a mom and being a wife… It’s amazing how… it is able to put me back into the frequency of paying attention to what I am paying attention to… making my dream a reality by figuring out what are the small steps… that I can take to see it materialize? …The people that Christi attracts are very supportive of each other, and very serious about this work. It’s been an amazing opportunity. I’m looking forward to continuing…”


CW-MirandaOnMtnMiranda: This work is very new to me… I approached it as something I didn’t know I needed… When I started getting involved in it, really surprisingly, it was a huge change really very quickly. Though I’m still new to it and finding my way through it, it gives depth to every single day and direction in a way that I didn’t know one could have direction… This really give it a feeling of being in control of it and having something to work toward every single day… I’m typically a person that like to take things in and learn things by myself, maybe buy a book… I didn’t realize what an advantage it is to have a support group as well as the guidance of Christi on a weekly basis… of always having a reset button. If I’d fallen off for having a difficult time, it was always right back on. There was that support and that guidance right away…”



Kimberly: “Christi is just phenomenal at getting you to re-focus on the Truth, and helping you to use the tools in front of you to build a life you would love. I highly recommend Christi. She has got great acumen, a loving heart, and is so generous with her time, and is so wonderful to work with.”



AMyAmy: “Before committing to the Dream Builder Program with Christi I was looking to make a change with the way my life was going and I was ready to invest in myself. I had researched a lot of programs and different coaches. After talking with Christi during our Introductory Session I knew she was the right fit for me. As an artist herself she understood my desire to create what I believed deep down was possible for me in my artwork and in my life. It has been great to talk with someone with a background such as hers. Christi’s continued encouragement, patience, and excitement has been beyond helpful to me. I am deeply grateful to have found Christi and to have found this program. ~ Amy

JeanieJeannie: Dear Christi, In the few months that I have been engaged in your Life Excel-erator course my life has changed in so many ways. From being a hermit at home to feeling alive and looking for ways to engage in life.
I set a goal to be moving towards a new career by December 2014 and everything is lining up for this to happen. What I appreciate about you most is your ability to turn a thought on a dime. It barely comes out of my mind and you say stop, breath and then ask me to re-frame it. It is incredible how I feel when I begin with “I am a woman who…” Thank you for your dedication to this life changing work and your clients.
Looking forward to growing and expanding my life in leaps and bounds with you. — Jeanie L, Business manager


JodyDr. Christi – as I now call her – has guided me from feeling at the bottom to believing in myself and having a dream.
Fear was my most favorite friend. I was very afraid to even want to have a dream because I was so used to not having one. My second most favorite friend was anger. It was hard for me to around most people- especially people who were happy and lives were working.  
Dr. Christi helped me believe in myself. I have loving supportive people in my life but they didn’t have that key that would help me let go of my self defeating mindset. Dr. Christi was able to reach that area inside of me that kept me safe  yet stuck. Somehow I trusted her enough to say everything inside and get it out of my psych.
I think it was because she didn’t give up on me. She was determined to work with me and persevered. She taught me to think big, feel I deserved what I wanted .. and  gave me tools to use. I am grateful to Dr. Christi. She has guided me to healing and believing. ~ Jody T

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