Creative Thinking Coaching

Creative Thinking Coaching

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About Mastering the Art of Life with Christi Corradi

I believe each one of us has a masterpiece within us, a unique creativity we have been given, and that it is both our profound privilege and our greatest responsibility to bring that masterpiece into the world.


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Tools 4Success: 4 Transformational Tools in 4 life areas

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Christi has created a toolkit of hands-on tools to support and remind you in changing your vibrational frequency 4success.

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Christi accepts achievement award from Mary Morrissey

Christi accepts achievement award from Mary Morrissey

DreamBuilder Achievement Award

In June 2014, Christi received The DreamBuilder Acheivment Award for creating the life of my dreams and assisting my clients as a coach trained in the methods of Life Mastery Institute experience life changing miracles create lives they love living.




Christi’s Background

A love for creative expression and art is the heart of Christi Corradi’s life! Expanding on a childhood full of imagination and inspiration, Christi chased her muse to Claremont Graduate University, receiving a Masters of Fine Art in sculpture and installation art.

Recognizing her special talent for coaching and using art for healing purposes, Christi began working with teens and adults as an art therapist and transformational life coach for individuals and groups, using creative thinking processes. Credentialed as a Registered Art Therapist through the Art Therapy Credentials Board (, she has developed a process of creative practice called “The Creative Way Program,” which blends her skill as an art therapist and life coach. Christi is also a certified DreamBuilder Coach.

Christi combines her 3 decades of expertise in the area of personal growth into her newest program, The Paint Box; Gathering the Supplies to Master the Art of Your Life as a Masterpiece, which provides tools and guidance to build the foundation for the life you would LOVE living!

Without losing sight of the inspiration that touched her as a child, Christi has become a muse for those who are seeking life coaching or art therapy, and allowing them to find creative solutions in order to live the life they love.

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Christi Corradi, MFA, ATR, LMC
Transformational Life Coach and Art Therapist

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